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Surface Cleaning

Refreshing. Like new

  • JNC Surfaces completes their flatwork, decorative work, and epoxy work with integrity. The first thing you look at when you approach a business or home is their sidewalk and driveway. That being said, all concrete and other surfaces leave a lasting impression. Keep your surfaces clean to ensure a safe, durable, and beautiful looking surface. 

  • Surfaces can hold and lock in debris over time. This can include mold, mildew, oils, algae, and other pathogens which can make surfaces slippery and unsafe to walk on. Cleaning your surfaces can make it look new and refreshing.

  • JNC Surfaces provides surface cleaning services for the following:

    • Residential​

      • Driveways​

      • Patios

      • Walkways/sidewalks

    • Commercial

      • Sidewalks​ & Curbs

      • Breezeways

      • Patio

      • Parking lots

      • Stairs & Landings

      • Dumpster Areas

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